"When our hearts are open love streams everywhere."


Meditation Cards

This deck includes 70 meditation cards each with an original painting on one side and a verse for contemplation on the other. Each deck comes in a velveteen pouch in a choice of colors--royal blue, burgandy, lavender, or camel tan.

Sample Cards

Price: $25 each, plus shipping

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40 Day Retreat Art Book      

This book is an illustrated volume of a 40 day retreat in which one-and-a-half hours daily was dedicated to a descriptive drawing of the current state of mind and a water color painting. The book is hand bound in portfolio form--11" x 14".

                                                                 Sample Retreat Art

                                                                 Price: $225
                                                                 (includes shipping)

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Commission Art  

Asha is skilled in most mediums and is accustomed to interpreting visions, rendering landscapes and painting portraits.  She has been painting and drawing for over fifty years and has work in both public and private collections.

Email her at with you phone number to begin the conversation. Her prices include the cost of materials plus what you can afford.

           Sample Art  



"I paint because it is fun and absorbing. Sometimes I love the end product because it is beautiful, meaningful or inspiring. I meditate daily to tame my demons, grow my angels and attune more deeply to what is holy. Both meditation and making art serve to cleanse my internal field."